The MQA supports transformation of the mining and minerals sector through skills development. Training interventions such as the Management and Executive Development Programmes (MEDP) funded by MQA are aimed at supporting employees in the sector, with the development of management skills which supports the priorities of developing skills for sustainability.

Objective of the Management and Executive Development Programme (MEDP)

The objectives of the MEDP project are:

  • To support the training of employees on Management and Executive Development Programme so that employees in the sector are able to progress into managerial positions upon completion of the MEDP. This initiative is to support transformation in the MMS.

What is a Management and Executive Development Programme (MEDP) MEDP are:

  • Management and executive development programme are short courses which includes leadership courses, coaching, guiding and mentoring. These programmes can be conducted in-house or by institutions who are accredited to provide such training.

Typical MEDP courses offered:

  • In-Company Programmes, these are programme designed by an institution customised for your
  • Management Advancement Programme (MAP)
  • Executive Development Programme
  • International Executive Development Programme (IEDP)
  • New Managers Programme
  • Management Advancement Programme
  • Thinking and Planning Strategically
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Managing and Leading People
  • The Art and Science of Negotiation
  • Leadership and Coaching Development
  • Senior Leaders Development Programme
  • Future Leaders Development
  • Senior Leaders Development Programme
  • Gender Identity in Leadership

This programme is aimed at middle managers who are currently managing others, or who have the potential to manage others, or who wish to grow and develop their management abilities.

Types of programmes to be funded on the MQA’s MEDP Project

The MQA will only fund employers who register their employees in courses that meet the following criteria:

  • The institution delivering the programme must be accredited for the specific programme by the relevant accreditation/certification body; and
  • The MEDP programme that the learners enrol in must be short courses that will equip the learners to become more effective custodians of the organisation and able to pursue the goals of excellence within their own organisations.

Candidates of Management and Executive Development Programme (MEDP)

The MQA will only fund employees who meets the following criteria:

  • Employees must be Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA).
  • The employee must be employed by the company who has been allocated grants by MQA for the
    MEDP at the time of registration.

Documentation to be submitted by the employer at the beginning of the programme for purpose of
registration with the MQA

Employers are required to submit the following:

  • List of employees on the spreadsheet prescribed by MQA with all mandatory fields completed ;
  • Certified copy of South African I.D;
  • MEDP Contract signed by both the employee and Employer;
  • Proof of registration on the programme;
  • Proof of training provider accreditation;
  • Confirmation employment; and
  • Proof of tuition cost (fee statement) from the institution;

Grants payable by the MQA for the MEDP Project

The MQA will pay for the cost of training to a maximum amount of R120 000 per employee. This
amount will be paid to employers for the duration of the programme enrolled for.

  • The MQA grant for the MEDP will only cover the cost of training/teaching (tuition).
  • The MQA will pay the total amount tuition that the employee enrolled for, to a maximum of R120 000
  • In the event that the total tuition amount is more than R120 000, the MQA will not be liable for the
    additional cost

The course or programme amount is payable in two tranches

  • Tranche 1: 50% (cost of training-tuition) is paid at registration to the employer, upon approval of registration of the learner by MQA
  • Tranche 2: 50% (cost of training-tuition) will be paid to the employer, upon the completion of the course/ programme by the employee. As proof of completion, a statement of results/completion letter must be submitted to the MQA.
  • When the learner fail or don’t complete (resignation, dismissal, retrenchment) the course or programme, the employer is obliged to pay back the registration grant to the MQA.