Workplace Coaches

The MQA supports transformation of the mining and minerals sector through skills development. Training interventions such as the Workplace Mentor and Coaches Programme (WMCP) funded by MQA are aimed at placing mentors and coaches within workplaces to support employers and learners with on the job mentoring and coaching activities

Objectives of the Management and Executive Development Programme (MEDP)

  • To support employers and learners with on-the job mentoring and coaching activities. Mentor and coaches will be placed at workplace to assist learners through their structured workplace based learning programme.
  • The mentors and coaches will transfer skills and knowledge to learners candidates of Workplace Mentor and Coaches Programme (WMCP)

The MQA will only fund Mentor or Coach who meets the following criteria:

  • The employer must hire retrenched/retired/unemployed individuals with relevant qualifications and experience in the relevant field
  • The employer must employ the mentor or coach for the duration of the 12 months and provide the coach with tools of trade
  • Preference should be given to Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA) individual
  • The coach must be able to transfer skills and knowledge to learners
  • The employer will be allowed to use the services of the same mentor and coach for a period not exceeding 3 year

Employer’s responsibility for the Workplace Mentor and Coaches Programme:

  • The employer must pay salaries for the mentor or coach for the period of 12 months
  • The employer must provide tools of trade for the mentor or coach and the learners
  • The employer must draft a 12 month training plan for the coach and the learner
  • The quarterly progress reports and final coaches report must be submitted to MQA

Documentation to be submitted to MQA by the employer at the beginning of the programme for purpose of registration

Employers are required to submit the following documents to MQA upon registering of the Mentor
or Coach on the programme.

  • List of coaches on the spreadsheet prescribed by MQA with all mandatory fields completed (spreadsheet attached);
  • Mentor and coach data signed form signed by the mentor and coach and the employer (MQA to provide)
  • Certified South African I.D copy;
  • Copy of the WMCP MQA contract signed by both the coach and employer;
  • Copy of the fix temp contract (employment)
  • Copy of the training plan

Grants payable by MQA for the WMCP Project

The MQA will pay for the grant of R240 000 per Coach. This amount will be paid to employer for Mentor and Coach salary and tool of trade.

The grant amount is payable in two tranches of R120 000.00 each.

  • Tranche 1: 50%: is paid at upon approval of registration of the mentor and coach by MQA
  • Tranche 2: 50%: Will be paid to the employer 6 months after the mentor and coach has been on the programme, upon the submission of progress report of the previous 6 months, the report should be signed by both the mentor and mentor and the company.
  • At the end of programme, a coach and mentor is required to submit close-out report signed by both the mentor and mentor and the company.

The workplace coach project has been approved by the MQA Board to assist employers to ensure that learners in workplace learning are supported to achieve their goals.

The MQA supports coaches in the following trades/disciplines:

Employers are required to sign a MoA with the MQA.