HDSA Management Development

The MQA Board approved funding for the implementation of the HDSA (Historically Disadvantaged South Africans) Management Development project. The aim of the project is to ensure the mining and minerals sector has sufficient, skilled, competent people from a historically disadvantaged background in managerial positions. There should also be sustainable employment for these employees in the form of shift boss, mine overseer and team leader positions.

The MQA has identified Management Development Programmes (MDP) to develop the skills of mining employees. This will enable qualifying employees to assume supervisory and management roles within their companies. It is envisaged that after undergoing the MDP training mining companies will allow their historically disadvantaged employees an opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired management skills within two years of their completion.

The MQA plans to continue to recruit and select employees with technical qualifications such as mine overseer, shift bosses and team leaders who have no supervisory or management or leadership competencies. Preference will therefore be given to them.

Who is eligible?

All employers who are levy paying organisation/ companies are eligible for the grant for employees earmarked for MDP training.

When and how to apply?

The MQA will have an open window.