Mining Company Registration

The mining and minerals sector, as demarcated for the purpose of the skills development legislation, includes all mining activities covered by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes 21000 to 29000, as well as a small component of manufacturing – namely the Manufacturing of Cement, Lime and Plaster (SIC code 34240), Jewellery Manufacturing (SIC code 39210), and the Cutting and Polishing of Diamonds (SIC code 39212) and of other Precious and Semi-Precious Stones (SIC code 39219). Although the DHET has defined the sectors to be served by the respective SETAs, organisations have some choice regarding the SETA with which they wish to register.  A number of organisations, not strictly involved in mining activities but closely associated with the sector, have chosen to register with the MQA or have been allocated to the MQA by the DHET. Accurate registration of organisations is essential in analysing the sector, including the categorisation of organisations into the following nine sub-sectors: