Youth Development Support


This project aims to facilitate and support the training of unemployed youth (persons between the ages of 18 and 35 years) on skills to render mine communities sustainable as well as support unemployed youth to gain skills. A maximum amount of R15 000 is paid per learner inclusive of R1 500 monthly stipend paid to the learner. Recognised skill programme registered with MQA or other SETAs or NQF Registered programmes. These programs should be offered up to 12 months. All submissions of proposals must indicate an alignment to an opportunity post training (the program must take into account economic activities in the area).Proposals will be considered on price competitiveness in relation to the MQA grant levels for programmes of a similar duration, the quality and duration of the training
intervention to be delivered as stipulated in the proposal.

Project Manager: Bridgette Mathebula
T: 082 657 6189