PROJECT: Apprenticeships

Employed and unemployed learners entering apprenticeships.


Employed learners registered on Artisan Learnerships It is a structured, occupationally directed programme that leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework and is trade related.

Who can access Apprenticeships?

Employees of Mining Companies and Unemployed Learners who will need to be placed with Mining companies for On the Job Training. 

NB: Unemployed Learners must approach Mining Companies to be able to access training in Learnerships as the MQA only facilitates and funds the training for Mining and Minerals Sector Employers.

Registration Process

Employers (through their MQA Accredited Skills Development Providers) are responsible for registering learners on the MQA Learner Management Information System (I Share System).

Documentation required to register and complete an RPL Learner by employers

Registered Learning Programme Agreements and supporting documents such as; certified ID copies, Training Plan, Proof of Disability for disabled learners, Learners highest qualification (except for qualifications with open access), Employment Contract and Confirmation of Employment.

List of Funded Trades

  • Fitter including Machining
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Earthmoving
  • Electrical
  • Millwright
  • Welder
  • Instrumentation Mechanician
  • Diesel Fitter
  • Goldsmith
  • Diamond Cutter
  • Diamond and Gemstone Setter
  • Earthmoving
  • Auto Electrician/Autotronics
  • Plater Welder
  • Plater Boilermaker

Note must also be taken that non-core MQA trades may also be supported.

Grant Amounts

Artisan Grant Amount : Payment is processed in 2 Tranches, Registration Tranche : R 103 145 Completion Tranche : R 103 145
Total Grant Amount = R 206 290


  • To include some pictures taken while profiling the Artisan Learners

Legislation related to Learnership Implementation

  • Workplace Based Learning Programmes Agreement Regulations
  • Sectoral Determination Number 5 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Skills Development Act
  • Skills Development Levies Act
  • Minimum Wage Act
Non-Artisan Learnerships OBJECTIVE To enrol learners onto core Learnerships for the mining and minerals sector. STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT Skills Development Priority 4:
  • Facilitate and support the development and implementation of core sector skills and development programmes aligned to the sector qualifications framework.
Non-Artisan Learnerships for people with Disabilities OBJECTIVE To ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in skills development programmes STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT
  • Skills Development Priority 1: Support transformation of the sector through skills development.