Learning Material Development

The MQA learning material initiative has been executed in collaboration with the Minerals Council South Africa. The initiative has focused on the development of learning materials that support  the developed and registered mining and minerals sector qualifications.

Since its inception, the MQA has developed a total of 1604 learning packs, which have all been approved. These learning packs serve as a benchmark and minimum standard for the provisioning of the standards within the sector.

Indicated below is the number of learning packs developed in the specified year:

2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014
  Target Achieved Target Achieved
Learning packs for 202 unit standards were developed for use in the sector 80 Unit Standard Based 99 developed 85 Unit standard based learning material 25 Unit standard based learning material
Occupational QCTO qualification – Mines Rescue Services Worker 22 modules 19 Modules for QCTO qualifications n/a
Occupational QCTO qualification – Goldsmith In process In process
Customisation of the L3 MQA Jewellery Manufacturing and Design qualification learning packs to suit learners with special needs In process In process