Adult Education and Training


Number of learners that successfully complete AET and NATED Courses.


Adult Education and Training Programme addresses low level skills of youth and adult language and numeracy skills to enable lifelong learning.

Who can access AET?

Employees of mining companies and unemployed learners who never had an opportunity to pass Standard 7/ Grade 9/ ABET 4/ NQF 1. NB: Unemployed learners must approach mining companies registered with MQA to be able to access training in AET as the MQA only facilitates and funds the training for mining and minerals sector employers.

Registration process

Employers (through their MQA Accredited Skills Development Providers) are responsible for registering learners on the MQA Learner Management Information System (I Share System).

Documentation required to register a learner in AET by employers

Signed AET enrolment form and Certified ID / passport copy (accurate capturing of ID/Passport number is required)

Documentation required to declare a learner competent in AET by employers

All documents listed above for registration and certified copy of a certificate or statement of results or an assessment report are required to report learner completion.

List of disciplines

  • Pre-AET
  • AET 1 – 4
  • N1-N3 Engineering

Grant amounts

The MQA offers the following AET grants:
Pre AET: R5 000, 2 learning areas, 50% learner & 50% employer
AET 1 – 4: R10 000, 2 learning areas, 50% learner & 50% employer
GETC: R10 000, 120 credits, 50% learner & 50% employ
N1 – N3: R10 000, 4 learning areas, 50% learner & 50% employer
All AET grants are paid on completion of the learner level


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  • MQA Funding Policy
  • Skills Development Act
  • Skills Development Levies Act
  • MQA AET Policy