Q. How do I access the MQA Database

A. The MQA database can be accessed by clicking on a box written MQA DataNet located on the MQA home page. This gives you access to datanet where you have the option of selecting the path you require, (e.g. qualification or unit standards).

Q. Do I need to login in order to access MQA Database/Datanet?

A. No, only MQA accredited training providers need to login to register their learners. The public can access Datanet and view the unit standard and qualifications and the developmental phases of both

Q. How can I become a member so that I can login?

A. Contact the learnerships department for more specific information on 011 630 3500

Q. How do I search for the unit standards in a specific skills area?

A. Once you are in the datanet search page, you have the option of typing in the code of the title that you require. A portion of the title may give you results of unit standards that have similar titles. The search can be refined by adding more information (i.e. the skills area and level of the required unit standard.) Do not include the code if not certain of it as it may give you negative search results.To access the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) website, please click here

Q. Where can I get the learning material for this unit standard?

A. Only MQA Accredited Training providers can access learning material. For more information visit learnerships unit or contact the learnerships Manager on 011 630 3500