SGB Special Projects

Community Training in Mining

There is a need for the mining industry’s involvement with and responsibilities towards the communities surrounding the mines.  The MQA intends to assist as a pilot project a mining community with training interventions in order for them to gain employment.  This intervention also supports the Social and Labour Plan programmes of the sector.  

Classification of Mines

Classification of Mines Risk Rating Table has been compiled and distributed to operating mines to complete and return to the MQA. Further risk ratings are still required from plants, U/G coal mines, large Surface Mining Operations, large platinum mines and other smaller operations in an attempt to determine the validity of the risk-based CoM Model.

It is envisaged that two meetings are still required to finalise the Classification of Mines risk matrix. Once completed, a meeting needs to be arranged with the DMR to review the work.

Once the Classification of Mines is complete, the Task team will be disbanded. Any further work on the above will require a revised mandate and guidance from MRAC as to the deliverables expected as an outcome from the work of the Classification of Mines Task Team.

Certificated Engineer/Manager

The Certificated Engineer/Manager Steering Committee has been established for the development of HET Practical Programmes linked to the Registered National Certificate in Certificated Engineering, NQF Level 7. Development of the programme is progressing well. It is envisaged that two workshops are required for finalization of this curriculum. An application to the QCTO has also been submitted; however the CHE is now responsible for all qualifications at L6 and above.

Legislative Framework Governing GCCs

The Mine Health Safety Act, Act No 29 of 1996, introduced a statutory requirement for all mines in South Africa to ensure that they appoint competent persons that will manage health and safety risks in the workplace.

The examination analysis on current GCC is being conducted and once completed a report will be tabled at the SGB Committee by March 2014.