Tender MQA/04/20-21: The Appointment of a Panel of Attorneys for the Mining Qualifications Authority Until 31 March 2025

  • Awarded Tenders
  • Anywhere

The following bidders have been appointed to the Panel of Attorneys:

Category 1

Heading: Alternative Resolution and Litigation

Name of the Recommended Bidders
1.KNT Attorneys
2.Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc.
3.Raphela incorporated Attorneys and Conveyancers
4.Mkhabela Huntley Attorneys Inc.
5.Hughes- Madondo Inc.
6.Malatji & Co. Attorneys
7.Phatshoane Henney Attorneys
8.Galananzhele Sebela Inc. Attorneys
9.VZLR Inc.
10.Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Inc. Attorneys
11.Mncedisi Ndlovu & Sedumedi (MNS) Attorneys
Category 2

Heading: Labour and Employment Law

Name of the Recommended Bidders
1.Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc.
2.Raphela incorporated Attorneys and Conveyancers
3.Mkhabela Huntley Attorneys Inc.
4.Hughes- Madondo Inc.
5.Malatji & Co. Attorneys
6.Phatshoane Henney Attorneys
7.Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Inc. Attorneys
8.Mncedisi Ndlovu & Sedumedi (MNS) Attorneys
9.Puke Maserumule Attorneys Inc.
Category 3

Heading: Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Name of the Recommended Bidders
1.Mkhabela Huntley Attorneys Inc.
2.Hughes- Madondo Inc.
3.Malatji & Co. Attorneys
4.Phatshoane Henney Attorneys
5.Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Inc. Attorneys
6.Mncedisi Ndlovu & Sedumedi (MNS) Attorneys
Category 4

Heading: Corporate Governance

Name of the Recommended Bidders
1.Mkhabela Huntley Attorneys Inc.
2.Phatshoane Henney Attorneys
3.Mncedisi Ndlovu & Sedumedi (MNS) Attorneys