Mr Sekete Moshoeshoe of COSATU at the ACC 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006


Challenges facing Skills Development

In 1994 when South Africans tasted the tit of freedom through the tripartite alliance after a successful negotiated settlement, the ANC led government had to inherit an unaccountable administration with sparsely arranged personnel. The previous government had no vision for productive citizenship in mind and purpose; it had abandoned the majority of workers to live in wilderness and adverse poverty and underdevelopment. Therefore, this was one of the biggest challenges the alliance had to face.

I always make referential intent that transformation came with surprises because as a new settlement was pursued alliance leadership had to jump the boat to assist the administration and had to provide systems for economic transformation. The key challenge became Exodus of the most senior and skilled workers into the echelons of economic power like consultancy, outsourced entities, et al. It then necessitated some form attitude and understanding of certain terrains.

The challenge then became acclimatization of the oppressed as an equal in the work place and the attitude of accepting from the oppressor. The latter after having benefited the most should shape up and accept the realities of life within the context of transformation. Whilst it is important to decide upon a particular pedagogy it is imperative not leave the rest of the society behind including the former workplace oppressors.

Leadership Challenges

It is worth noting that transition cannot prosper unless there’s willing and capable leadership. Moreover, as transition goes from 1994 to date most of the pioneers who negotiated policy have either been assimilated by the systems in place or are now the implementers of policy on the other side of the bank. Therefore, a challenge was set for labour to acclimatize not to lose site of focus of the hard won gains and also ensure that those that are in deputation are capable and willing.

A metamorphic process was real now that the sense of doing things has since changed our leaders were faced with challenges such as, changing from a trade union leader into a Director or so-called deployed into business and other facets of government.

Such instances came with a challenge to skill our people so that we could get a b