2019 WSP-ATR and Pivotal Planning-Reporting Submissions Process

The MQA WSP-ATR submission process for 2019 will be managed by means of steps that must be followed and completed to progress to the next step. An online system with supporting tools and a Submission Manual have been provided to organisations to help with the submission process and ensure quality data is submitted. The following flow diagram outlines the submission process. Each step is defined in the paragraphs below and discussed in detail in the Submission Guide and Manual.

Register and Login

All SDFs and users must register on the System before they can use the system.

Register Companies

The new System contains some of last years’ companies details. L Numbers that do not show under a Registered SDF’s list of related companies must be re-registered on the Submission System. L-numbers that do not exist on the MQA list of levy paying companies must be registered first as part of an Inter SETA Transfer process before the company could be registered on the System.


The Company Details submitted needs to be Verified by uploading a signed verification document on the system. Incorrect details such as Banking Details must be updated before the MQA will set the Verification Status on the System to Verification Approved.

Please Note: Completion of the Verification process is not a condition for uploading source data, but WSP-ATR Submissions will not be approved if the Verification Process has not been completed.

Prepare and Submit Source Data

The source data is submitted as an Excel Workbook that contains the required data in specific sheets ONLY the latest template releases for 2019 will be allowed as source data. The submission System extracts the data once it is uploaded, the data is then checked for errors and a WSP-ATR is generated as a PDF document. Previous submissions and other in-house data sources should be used to inform the source data.

Error Checking and Submission Summary

Data being submitted is checked in the Excel Workbook for consistency and quality assured again when uploaded on the System. The indicated errors must be corrected to generate a WSP-ATR PDF document that needs to be signed off and submitted. The system watermarks the PDF document with “Contains Errors” to prevent usage of the document for submission purposes if there are errors in the source data.

Submission of WSP-ATR

The WSP-ATR PDF document without the error watermark should be signed off as a result of a consultative process. The document then needs to be signed on each page, scanned and the last four pages uploaded on the Submission System to finalise the submission process. The original signed document must be kept for audit purposes.

Evaluation and Approval

Each step in the submission process is monitored by administration staff. All the steps must be completed successfully as condition to the WSP-ATR approval. Companies can view their submission completion status for each of the steps outlined under the Submissions per Company heading in the Submission System.

The main change(s) for the 2017 WSP-ATR compared to the previous year are as follows:

  • The registration process for SDFs and Organisations is handled by the IT Aware Submission System;
  • The WSP-ATR data is prepared on the updated source data template and then uploaded on the IT Aware Submission System. Most error should then be corrected using the online utilities offered by the new system MQA uses this year;
  • Final submission is done by uploading a signed off Verification document AND signoff pages of the WSP-ATR Summary Report; and
  • The OFO Version used is the same as used last year, anomalies in the version used last year were removed.

Below are the supporting documents for the 2019 WSP-ATR submission process: