2016 WSP-ATR Submission Process

Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 WSP-ATR and Pivotal Planning-Reporting Submissions Process

The 2016 WSP-ATR submission process will be managed by steps that have to be followed and completed in order to progress to the next step. Phase I - SDF registration and Phase II WSP-ATR (Organisation and source data upload). Organisations are required to meet the requirement MQA has for good quality WSP-ATR data.

The submission process outlines the various steps in the process. Each step is a condition for the next step and is usually dependent on either the MQA validating information submitted or organisations submitting documents.

The main change(s) for the 2016 WSP-ATR compared to the previous year are as follows:

  • The registration process for SDFs and Organisations is handled by the Indicium System
  • The WSP-ATR data is uploaded on the offline application and then processed to Indicium System
  • Final submission takes place on Indicium System
  • The Offline application validates the data which must be error-free before the data can be processed to the MQA and Indicium System
  • 2015 OFO version

Below are the supporting documents for the 2016 WSP-ATR submission process:





All SDFs must register as users on the Indicium system by completing his/her personal details. The system emails a login and password to the SDF's email address.


The SDF logs onto the Indicium system using the credentials received.  The SDF will be required to change the password on first logon. 


In Indicium, the SDF includes each organisation for which he/she is submitting a WSP-ATR, and the employer contact details for each organisation. At this stage, if it is not a single submission for one organisation, the SDF indicates that the organisation is a parent organisation which has branches submitting data separately or there is one organisation submitting a consolidated WSP-ATR for a number of different organisations with their own SDL numbers.


The SDF will be required to upload a letter of intent before generating a verification document for each organisation the SDF has registered. This document contains all the SDF and organisation details, including banking details.


The SDF has the opportunity to view and edit the registration before a verification document is generated. When the registration has been submitted, the SDF can immediately download his/her organisation verification document and print it. If there are any errors on it, the SDF can go back and edit the registration/s again, and download the verification document thereafter.


The SDF submits the SDF and Organisation registration on Indicium which alerts the MQA of the entry.


The verification document is checked by the SDF,  Senior Organisation Representative as duly authorised / Chief Executive Officer in the organisation and the Chief Financial Officer/Senior Financial Officer duly authorised; then both must sign the document as an indication of the correctness of the organisation details, and submit by uploading the Verification letter online or fax the verification document to the MQA.


The MQA will approve the verification document after checking for correctness. This is done through the Indicium system and the SDF gets notified by email that the registration has been verified. If the verification document is not approved by MQA, the SDF must ensure that the errors/discrepancies are corrected on Indicium before he/she can resubmit and the document is approved.


The approval of the verification document is the condition for the SDF to submit his/her completed source data spreadsheet onto Indicium. The SDF will not be able to open the WSP-ATR forms to generate a report if his/her organisation/s verification document is not approved



The SDF has to install the offline application in order for them to uploads his/her organisation/s source data. The template spreadsheet is provided to the SDF on the Supporting Documents folder on Indicium and is also available on the MQA website at www.mqa.org.za


The SDF may prepare the source data on the template spreadsheet and import it into the application. Any data errors are reported immediately on the offline application. The application allows for multiple uploads but the data will be over written each time the data gets processed to Indicium.


At any time during the data capture process, a WSP-ATR can be generated on Indicium system providing summary report in the standard format. This is clearly printed with the date and version number until the submission has been made.


Once the WSP-ATR data has been submitted on Indicium, no further changes can be made unless the SDF contacts the MQA. The data, however, is always available for viewing.