Bids Received

Awarded bid for Tender MQA/43/17-18: Appointment of a Panel of Service Providers to Edit, Design, Layout and Print Various Promotional Materials for the MQA
The following service providers have been appointed to form a panel to edit, design, layout and print various promotional marketing materials for the MQA, for a period up to and including 31 March
Bids Received for Tender MQA/46/17-18: Appointment of Service Provider to Provide Internet Connection Services for the MQA
Bidder no. Company B-BBEE Level Total bid amount (incl. VAT) 1. Vodacom (Pty) Ltd 4 Non-recurring R134, 550; Recurring R118, 373.12 2.  Mobile Telephone Networks 4 R3, 041, 306.97 3.
Awarded bid for Tender MQA/44/17-18: Appointment of Service Provider(s) per Province to Implement the Maths and Science Project in Nine (9) Provinces
This serves to notify bidders of the appointed service providers for the above-mentioned tender: 1. Historymakers Business Consulting: Total R4, 170, 737.24 (including VAT), B-BBEE level 1 = 20
Bids Received for Tender MQA/45/17-18: Appointment of an Internal Auditor for the Mining Qualifications Authority
Bidder no. Company B-BBEE Level Total amount (incl. VAT) 1. Victorious Chartered Accountants 1 Approved rates per hour by the office of the AG 2.  Nkonki Incorporated 1 R3, 736, 892.00 3.
Notice of Cancellation of Tender MQA / 33 / 17 - 18: Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Maintenance, Repair and Refilling of the MQA Diesel Generator
This serves to notify bidders that the above tender which appeared in the Government Gazette, and on the e-tender portal on 15 June 2017, has been cancelled.  The MQA would like to apologise for any