Awarded Tenders


Awarded bid for Tender MQA/26/16-17: Appointment of a Research Partner to do an Analysis of the 2016 WSP-ATR Submissions

Great Albatross (Pty) Ltd has been

Bids Received for Tender MQA/35/17-18: Appointment of a Short Term Insurance Broker for the MQA
Bids Received for Tender MQA/25/16-17: Appointment of a Service Provider to Implement a Document Management and Archiving Solution


Awarded bid for Tender MQA/20/16-17 (Internal Audit Company)

Mazars Corporate Finance has been awarded the tender for an internal audit company for the Mining Qualifications Authority.

Awarded bid for Tender MQA/23/16-17 (Audit Firm for Commitments Register)

SAB&T Chartered Accountancts Inc. has been awarded the tender to compile a commitments register and review selected accounts. 


Bidder no.